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Original story and all original illustrations
by Fritz Gunter

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Allosaurus Modernis!
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A Note to Parents

Allosaurus Modernis is a relatively brief book for an adult read, but should prove just right for reading age children at 64 pages. It takes place deep in the jungle of South America and depicts a hypothetical situation: What if dinosaurs still existed somewhere on Earth? How would they react to finding out there were other species (i.e. human beings) around? And finally, how fast would they eat them? It's story is gripping and draws the reader in with "literary" fear and excitement. In this book, these dinosaurs are much more realistically written than those of modern dinosaur movies. It is also designed to be re-readable. Original, life-like drawings add a flavor to the book unlike any other book in your child's dino-library.

But the story is more than dinosaurs chasing their next meal around. Scientific questions and topics are presented in a way to get the reader thinking. How do dinosaurs get their names? How did they talk? How smart were they? How did baby meat-eating dinosaurs play? It will entice adults, children and youth to make their own scientific conclusions. Some questions were intentionally left unanswered to encourage abstract thinking. So you see, it is really half action book and half child development book. I encourage you to read it with your kids.

I have said it probably has an age limit around 8 years of age for reading, and it has some scientific jargon they might struggle with. Again, this was intentional, as there is a comprehensive glossary in the back to cover the dinosaur terminology. There are also web links in the appendix to learn more about dinosaurs. Despite this, many parents have chosen to buuy it for their children to enjoy the illustrations now, and allow them to "grow into" the scientific side of the book.

So, click the above link now and buy your own copy of Allosaurus Modernis. It has gotten terrific pre-publishing reviews and will surely find a permanent spot in your library.

Fritz Gunter