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shimDino Screen Saver
By proceeding, you acknowledge that Fritz Gunter and IAMFRITZ.com bear no responsibility for damages os any kind that may occur to your computer resultant, caused by or in any way related to the installation of the software referred to in the link below.

This is a very nifty working demo of a dinosaur themed screen saver I found a long, long time ago. I did a search for the company and other downloadable inks for it, and it appears this one is the only one. The original full-blown version of it had a T-rex tromp across your sceen and biting shunks out of it, and other dinos as well working violence on your desktop image until you shake your mouse. As this appears to be the only surviving copy of the demo, which works fine as I've been running it off and on for years in every operating system from Win 3.1 to Win XP Pro, you'll have to be content to watch this Velociraptor run, leap and attack your desktop.

To install, download to your desktop, then right click the icon, and select "Install" and finally, "OK". It's fun to watch, too. The little dino misses sometimes and falls with a >clunk<!

Download teh Dinosaur Screensaver
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Designed for Windows 3.1, if any of you even had computers back then, this screen saver is a standard format screen saver for Microsoft Windows and I've had zero issues running this on my WindowsXP system. Enjoy!