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This guy-my brother- has a whole different, but incredible style of art for sale- check him out today!

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James can hack out some great deals for you on travel and motels, here and abroad! Definitely worth a peek

China Discovers IAMFRITZ.com!
A chinese forum about, uh, something that's all written about in Chinese recently posted a bunch of hotlinks to my dinoart pics. They say I'm an expert. And if anyone's gonna know something, it's the Chinese...

Ceri's Bar and Server
Are you Welsh? You probably are.
Check out my favorite welshman's web site and find the Welsh in you.
Great for geneology, European History and minutiae, and a good laugh.

Flyboy's Longbow 2 Site

This guy has single-handedly kept a great flight sim alive- visit his site to see the latest mods and add-ons for Jane's

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