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shimSPACEWARS Video Game Disclaimer
By proceeding, you acknowledge that Fritz Gunter and IAMFRITZ.com bear no responsibility for damages os any kind that may occur to your computer resultant, caused by or in any way related to the installation of the software referred to in the link below.
Awesome graphics and a free game!

My boys, ages 3-11, all play this on a regular basis.

The awesome classic SPACE WARS game now for your home computer- play against your enemy, or siblings, on the same keyboard!

SPACE WARS- Download!
Click to Download

Installation: Download to where you want to install it. Use WinZIP or UnRAR or whatever program to open it into its own folder, and click on "spacewar.exe" to run it. To create a desktop shortcut, just right drag the "spacewar.exe" icon to your desktop or your Windows Start menu for easy access. Well worth a little effort.

I can't really provide any tech support, but if you do have problems e-mail me and I'll try and help you out. Just include in your e-mail basic somputer specs, what version of Windows you're running, and details of what happened.