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  Don't fight every little argument people pick with you. After all, you may not want to occupy the terrain you win.  

OK. Rant time. Yes, again.

Just saw an ad about a newly diagnosable medical behavioral disorder... "Adult Binge Eating Disorder."

Are you kidding me?

It's not a psychological condition. It's not. Never has been. And it never will be.

It's called you're old, some shade of old or another, you're depressed, over one thing or another, and you're throwing your self respect and -control out the window. Failure, depression and aging feel bad. Food feels good. Eat food. Feel better. Eat more food, feel more better. More better good. Grrrrr.

See the breakdown? Is there a cure? IS THERE A CURE?

It's called discipline. Self control. Adulthood. Being a grown up.

So instead of blaming a lack of big boy/girl attitude and running to a shrink and having someone hold your hand and pay them Osamacare insurance money to give you a pill that will make you even more depressed, but blow your thyroid because it alters the balance of chemicals that control your appetite levels... justput your big boy/girl pants on and stop eating so much.

Do something... constructive. Go for a walk. Walk to the library and get a book. No, not one you've read before or think you know what it's about (though that might be good too). Get something baout something you don't know anything. Get a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon book.

Or get a model car. Or a model, um, thing of something.

Buy a canvas and some paint.

If you're poor (and that would be something you could get depressed about, but is still get-overable) then GIVE UP A MEAL and buy a little sketch pad and draw on it. Draw what? Stuff. Things. Draw that bird. Draw that tree with the bird. Draw yourself giving the bird. You might be good (at drawing, not giving the bird). You might not be good but it still might just be fun. Whatever.

Just try things. Different things. Stuff and things you never tried before.

Be a big boy. Or girl. Whichever you started out as. Put your adult pants on and walk around in `em.

"Adult Binge Eating Disorder." Try "Grow up."

    Welcome! My first ever IamFritz.com Video Blog!
    My first attempt at filming myself sing... wound up like this.
    OK, a second, more serious try...
    I am Fritz and I support your local library- and you should too.
    My introductory view on politics. There will be much, much more to come of this.
    Enough seriousness. Whom or WHOM do I look like?
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Shop for Military Aviation wares at the IamFritz.com Store

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Shop for Military Aviation wares at the IamFritz.com Store
Shop for Military Aviation wares at the IamFritz.com Store

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