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Welcome to yon gallery of art by Fritz, of IamFritz.com.

As my little logo guy to the left says, this area is still under construction, but feel free to page through and see what you like.

These are all samples of my art from various media, styles, clients, etc.

Specific text and details for each are soon to follow.

Scroll and Enjoy!

One of my latest and greatest works here. Kinda has become my signature 3-D piece. Two Oregon ANG Eagles respond in kind to an incoming volley of R-27 missiles. Background clouds image from original photo taken by myself, missiles and aircraft original 3-D meshes and renderings in Truspace 7, missile flames and contrails added in Photoshop.



All Illustrator illustration of an USMC AV-8B Harrier doin' its duty on unfortunate targets below. No post-effects, re-touch or manipulation.



HA! That's funny! Oringially done in Illustrator, exporeed as PNG and put up for sale in my store. And shown here.









Things get messy when two T-rexes can't agree on something. They draw lots. And by draw lots I mean they tear people apart like wish bones on Turkey Day. Except these wish bones are human sternums. Ick for us, yummy for them, tho.






This one actually came to me once while I was reading a book about USAF bombers while my children were watching Disney's Finding Nemo. A quick sketch and several hours later in Adobe Illustrator, I had this piece.





































My web site logo, created in Illustrator over a pencil sketch of the same.



A little hup-hup for my military aviators.



`Cuz it's true. Adobe Illustrator art.









Not all bunnies are cute and fluffly. This one's cute and EVIL!



Look at it. Think about it. If you don't get it, keep thinking about it. The guy is...



Think about it. When you throw around this game of chance, you are acting out a violent, violent act. You savage, bad person. Original Adobe Illustrator illustration.



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