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Right click an icon and "Save image as..." and then drag and drop as you see fit?
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Colorful Language Cussing

You Make Me Want To Barf A Rainbow

You Made Me Actually Barf a Rainbow

Specs n Goatee

Too Cool

Trendy Portlander

Fritz Devil

Fritz Angel



Fake Smile

Waiting Amused

This Going Somewhere





Red Punk


Drooling More

Seriously Drooling

Wait a minute

Little Perturbed

Arrow Thru the Head

Arrow to Forehead



Oh Really You're Lying

Wol -Whistle

Blowing a Kiss

Love 1

That Nice


Yawn Small

Yawn Big


What the-


Trendy Beard

Trendy Beard and Specs

Obi Wan Kenobi


That Wasnt Worth My Time

Threw Up I -My Mouth

You Make Me Want To Throw Up

You Make Me Throw Up


HEY- Mad

Smart Phone Backgrounds -Right click to Download!
Images below are reduced in size for display- actual size 480 x 800 pixels! Big enough for any smart phone!
Right Click To Download
Right Click To Download
Right Click To Download
Right Click To Download
Coloring Pages
It's a dozen FREE, original IAMFRITZ.com dinosaur pictures- very popular with the kids.
Click for Full Size Chasmosaurus belli
Click for Full Size Camptasaurus prestwichi
Click for Full Size Brachiosaurus brancai
Click for Full Size  Suchomimus tenerensis
Click for Full Size Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
Click for Full Size Lambeosaurus lambei
Click for Full Size Allosaurus fragilis
Click for Full Size Tyrannosaurus rex
Click for Full Size Styrachosaurus albertensis
Click for Full Size Stegosaurus armatus
Click for Full Size Microraptor zhaoianus
Click for Full Size Oviraptor mongoliensis
Just follow these directions:
1. Click the pic (pics) you want to color
2. The full-size image will appear in a pop-up window.
3. RIGHT click on the image in the pop-up window, select Save Picture As.
4. Select a folder on your computer and save it there.
5. You can now open the image in any graphic program, even your Internet Web Browser.
6. Select Print from the program you've opened it in.
7. Color away!

IAMFRITZ.com Dinosaur Printouts are great because:
-They hardly use any ink, so they're printer-economical.
-Less Ink means easier on the environment.
-The same pic can be printed any number of times
-Collect all Twelve, color them in, and trade them with your friends!
Free Software
This isn't my work, but it's still great free stuff I've found on the web,
with their authors/creators encouraging others, like me, to pass it on.

Screen Savers
Free Games
Dino Screen Saver
Dino Screen Saver
Watch a deadly Velociraptor slaw your screen to death when it's left unattended!
F-15 Screen Saver
F-15 screen saver

Sit back and relax as your screen slides through image after image of F-15 Eagles
Dinosaur World!
BBC Dino Game for Free!

Free Dinosaur Exploration game from the BBC is Amazing- Ages 3 and up can play!
Educational AND fun.
SPACE WARS Classic Arcade Game!
It's a free version of the classic 80's vector-based game. Requires 2 players- play together on the same keyboard!


What IS Fritz watching on the Internet?

Crank up the speakers and just watch and listen to it over and over again...

(Courtesy Wonkabar007 at www.Youtube.com)

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